Football professional in the NFL - The dream job of many men

Whether the Carolina Panthers, the Miami Dolphins, or the New England Patriots - the job as a professional football player in a team of the NFL would be an absolute dream for most men. The National Football League (NFL) is the globally-known and popular profifootball league in America. It consists of a total of 32 teams, each year fighting for the title, the highly coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. Two teams left at the end of the season fight for the title in the Superbowl. The Superbowl is the world's largest and most popular sporting event of the year and is held every year at the beginning of February. This spectacle is broadcast in countless countries, billions of people are watching this on their television sets and firing at their team. The popularity of this sport, especially the NFL, can be seen in the course of the next few years. This is why many people, especially men, are dreaming of a dream career as a football professional in the National Football League. In the end, however, only a few can make it into a professional team of the NFL and thus realize their dream in reality. On the other hand, you could say that the chance to get into a professional team is not so bad, because the real beauty of this body-toned sport is that it can be performed by nearly all people. There were on the one hand the somewhat more corrupt Tackle - players, which because of their play position need more body mass. On the other hand, of course, fast, slim players are needed for the positions of the wide receiver. You can see, no matter what body structure you are, in the professional ball is space for every type. This is an important reason why football is so popular in the States. But what is behind the football professional's dream in the NFL? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of professional exercise?

On the one hand, the so-called "star is clearly". As a professional footballer in the NFL you are well known and popular with your own fans of course. Autogram sessions are the order of the day, photo sessions and press conferences for marketing purposes. The contact with the fans has to be maintained on a regular basis personally or via the social media. All this can be regarded both as an advantage and as a disadvantage. Most of them love this fame, the honor when fans call their name, others react slightly stressed, the hype around their person is often too much for them. The privacy of the NFL is, of course, limited, as a famous NFL player is recognized everywhere and always, and usually also called for photos or autograms. But this is exactly what many people associate with this dream, to be famous and loved by the fans. In addition, it is hardly worth mentioning that a professional who is active in the National Football League does not have to face financial fears. Profitable earnings are correspondingly high, often exceeding several million euros per year. This would probably provide financially for the rest of the life and you can live as an example a correspondingly high lifestyle, which is often expressed in the great villas and beautiful sports weighing. Finally, one can still see physical fitness as a distinct advantage. Since a football player always has to perform at the highest level, he is therefore also physically in the best and sporty fitter condition. Apart from injuries, this advantage is very important as it affects the health of the players.

The dream of the football player in the NFL is, of course, not so simple to realize, but you can still dream and with a lot of ambition, diligence and the necessary happiness, it may perhaps sometime.

New Player

Justin Wells
6 January 1988
Ed Lawrence
16 July 1906
Kerry Rhodes
2 August 1982
Marvin Terrell
10 June 1938
Joe Kendall
2 October 1909

Top Player

Tyler Boyd
15 November 1994
Brett Lauther
4 November 1990
Justin Wells
6 January 1988
Ed Lawrence
16 July 1906
DeAndre Carter
10 April 1993

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